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Carbion Elast Cases

Carbion elast cases, realised in “straw paper” are particular sheets, very elastic with glued up ends, so to get cylindrical shape, high resistance to shock and high adaptability to wrap surfaces to cover , distinguish this product especially developed for cylindrical shaped items (bottles, ceramic vases).

Thanks to its simple packing, Carbion elast gives a pleasant beauty of package that allow  to exalt product.

Many winery, glass industry and perfume industry already use Carbion elast.

Carbion elast  is particularly effective in direct sale of wine an oil as substitute of other expensive safety package, with effective pay-off. They are also employed for take care of, for example, motorbike silencer during transport.

Also Carbion elast cases can be customized according to customer requirement.


Carbion cases “half size”


Carbion Elast case


Black case


High adaptability


Carbion cases “full size”


Carbion case - detail

Bottiglia8_miniatura Bottiglia9_miniatura

Simple packing

Carbion elast cases can be customized

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